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Be it networking, server maintenance, computer repair, managed services, cloud hosting, remote support, or data security and backup, ITS consultants have you covered. With a full range of professional technical services on your side, you can be confident your IT systems will be up and running when you need them.

Our technicians can serve as your complete IT department or simply supplement your existing IT services. Our menu of services can be customized for your business goals, or ITS can completely manage your IT for a low flat monthly fee. Read more about our services on this page and we invite you to contact us to discuss how ITS can make your life a little simpler.

Feel secure in your network

No one would leave the physical doors to thier business or safe open when they leave, so why leave virtual doors open all the time? The prominence of web and internet technologies today helps many businesses grow and reach more customers than ever. However, as technology develops the need for proper security is ever more important. Let ITS consultants help you "lock the doors" of your network!

ITS security services:
  • Installation and setup of network antivirus and antispyware software
  • Firewall, gateway antivirus, and intrusion prevention *
  • Web content filtering to restrict access to unwanted websites *
  • Removal of unwanted programs and malware
  • Review and test network security settings
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance

* ITS recommends Sonicwall network security appliances

Make your network a seamless experience

Do you need to share and have access to critical data in the office, at home, or on the go? Let ITS help. Our consultants can assist in the setup and maintenace of your network giving you secure access to your business data when you need it, and wherever you are. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Server installation and setup
  • Ongoing network and server maintenance
  • Workstation/laptop installation and setup
  • Setup and maintenance of critial applications
  • Wireless networking
  • Smartphones & mobile devices
  • Firewall and network equipment
  • Software and hardware installation
  • Printer installation and setup
  • Email and messaging support *

* ITS recommends Microsoft Exchange, ask us why

Repair and maintenance

When a network device fails, software malfunctions, or a computer crashes the clock is ticking and your organization is losing money until the problem is fixed. IT Symmetry technicians are well trained to find a solution to your problem promptly. In many cases we can perform service remotely saving you time and money. Some of our many proficiencies include:

  • Repair or replace faulty hardware and computer components.
  • Fix operating system errors, or get your computer booting again.
  • Resolve problems with software or databases
  • Remove unwanted programs or malware
  • Troubleshoot internet access or firewall and router configurations.
  • Computer performance tune up

Have us maintain your network. ITS technicians will go out of their way to learn the ins and outs of your network and IT systems in an effort to provide the best service possible. Service contracts are available.

Your data is vital to your organization

...and IT Symmetry puts the highest importance on keeping it protected. Backup systems must be maintained in order to remain effective. Allow us to assess and monitor your current backup solution, and help you devise a new solution when you outgrow it. Our consultants work within your budget to design a backup system to meet your needs.

We can assist you to utilize the latest backup technologies:

  • Drive Imaging
  • Dedicated Backup Servers
  • Data Deduplication
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Off-Site Backup
Stand out in the crowd

The best engine in the world won't sell a car if the body is falling apart. Attract customers to "open the hood" on your organization, with a beautiful website from ITS.

We believe a website should be the perfect marriage of form and function. We employ the latest in web technologies to make this happen. So whether you want to sell your product online, host an image gallery, drive your website with a custom database, or simply stand out in the crowd we can help!

How does it, um.. how does it work?

First, we meet with potential clients to get the lay of the land and to best understand your needs. We work hard to visualize your company on the web and help uncover hidden potential you may have missed.

Next, we develop graphic mockups along with a theme and palette for your site. This is a key to success because we are able to put the polish on the "body" before we build the "engine". That way you know exactly what you're getting before we begin to build.

Then our geeks begin to write code. Code drives your website and is essential to it's speed, operation, and search engine ranking. Code looks a little like:

Now you can see why we leave it to our geeks! Throughout the coding process you'll be kept up to date as to how your project is coming and monitor its progress as it's built.

Last, but most importantly, is launch. We make any last minute changes needed and test the site throughouly to be sure everything is working. Then we pop the cork on the champange bottle as we flip the switch and your site goes live!

Contact us today to inqure about a website for your business.

Do you know how your server is doing today?

Without proper maintenance servers can develop a host of problems leading to unexpected down time, security breaches, even data loss. IT Symmetry offers Server Maintenance packages designed to meet the needs of your organization whether you have one server or a growing server farm.

ITS consultants can remotely monitor your server's health as well as key IT systems for your organization such as: backup devices and software, hosted email solutions, managed network switches, uninterruptable power supplies, firewalls and routers. All this for an affordable monthly fee.

Contact us for a free report on one of your servers.

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