Managed Services

ITS maintains a large portfolio of services from networking, backup & disaster recovery, to communications. Browse our offerings below to see how we can help!

Managed Services
Predictable Cost, Fully Managed

Are you tired of waiting for something on your network to break, only to be met by sticker shock at the price required for a solution? This methodology is known as a break/fix model - wait until it breaks then fix it. But we can do better. By allowing ITS to manage your devices at a flat monthly rate you'll avoid unexpected budget busters. Your staff will have unlimited access to helpdesk support, and ITS will be incentivized to keep your IT systems running smoothly. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that the experts at ITS are fully managing your security and network infrastructure. We spend an awful lot of time thinking about IT so you don't have to.


Professional Services & Consulting for Your Projects

At it's core ITS is an IT consulting firm, with a team of well seasoned engineers from many different backgrounds. Sys admins, coders, certified Azure cloud experts, MSCE professionals, and Mac aficionados... you name some tech and we've probably touched it at some point! This varied expertise gives us a unique and strategic look at the industry and allows us to guide our customers projects toward success. Engage with one of our friendly down to earth professionals today to see how we can help.

Virtual CIO Services

Many small businesses can't afford to have a Chief Information Officer, or CIO, on their payroll to guide their IT strategy and review systems age and health regularly. ITS offers Virtual CIO, or vCIO Services to it's fully managed customers. Tapping into our wealth of expertise and data gathered from monitoring your systems, an ITS rep will help you define a clear path for your IT goals.

Business Networking

Networking is the backbone of your IT systems. Without it nothing could "talk". But to avoid malicious parties "talking" on your network it also needs to be secured. ITS has experience with several unified threat management, or UTM, security vendors and we can help you implement the best practices to keep the bad guys out. With cloud based networking devices your systems can be monitored at all times and kept secure from anywhere, even branch offices on the other side of the globe.

Wireless Networking

Secure enterprise Wi-Fi is a necessity with the increasing number of mobile devices on the market today. Don't settle for poor coverage or constantly having to reconnect to new Wi-Fi hotspots. ITS can help you unify your Wi-Fi networks across all your locations, so you can connect once securely and get on with your day.

Mobile Device MGMT

With the growing number of mobile devices how do you keep your company data secure? Read more about our Mobile Device Management offerings.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery is critical to your companies success. Data is king and lost data can be devastating. ITS BitHaven backup is about as simple and effective as it gets. Start backing up data today without the need for costly on premise dedicated backup and DR servers. BitHaven will ensure your data is safely and securely backed up to a DR facility with redundant copies. Live standby's of your servers can be made accessible anywhere, and restoring data is a breeze. Don't regret data loss, prevent it.

Asset Tracking - Stay up to Date with Your Systems

How old are your PCs and Servers? Are users struggling to make an ancient relic of a PC keep up with their workload? Is there sketchy software installed on your network? Without a system to help, it would impossible to keep an eye on all these details. ITS can help manage your assets and keep track of the important details all in one convenient location to help you stay organized and alert to the status of your network.

Helpdesk & Ticketing

When your users hit a snag do they know where to turn? Is your internal IT backlogged? Or are you without IT staff and users are left to fend for themselves? Users are at the forefront of your business, don't leave them hanging! ITS will help your users get back on track with skilled engineers ready to help. We can manage helpdesk entirely or supplement your internal IT staff when they require assistance. With our ticketing system you'll have a birds eye view of issues affecting your users at all times. ITS will help you keep your users working productively.

Patching & Monitoring

New security threats emerge every day. Do you know if you have the latest security patches to protect your network? Do you know if/when you've been affected by a brute force attack? Or is your server healthy or on the verge of failure? ITS can patch and monitor your systems with ease. We'll keep an eye on suspicious activity and alert you of any systems health issues before they become large problems. For advanced monitoring take a peak at our SIEM service offering.


VOIP, or Voice Over IP, telephony can make you more accessible to your customer base, and allow you to provide better service. ITS can help you setup and maintain cloud based VOIP, including video conferencing, team messaging, online meetings and more to improve your collaboration and communication.